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As part of our scholarship fund, CSCMP New England Roundtable judged a Best Thesis Competition for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The award ceremony was held on a boat in Boston Harbor. Winners were selected based on theses submitted to CSCMP New England Roundtable (NERT). Giant checks were given out on Boston Harbor, the day prior to receiving their graduate degrees.


Rosenzweig_Nisar_Pic De Aguiar_Woolard_Pic


Hiral Nisar and Josh Rosenzweig wrote “Real-Time Order Acceptance in Transportation Under Uncertainty.”  Guilherme Aguiar and Woolard wrote  “Estimating Carbon Emissions from Less Than Truckload Shipments.” Both pictures have Dr. Bruce Arntzen on the left and Brad Voelz of NERT on the right.  Each individual recipient will receive $1000 from NERT as part of our scholarship fund.

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